Soups and Stock

Tomatillo Green Chili

This frigid January has been a great time to celebrate National Soup Month, even here in usually-sunny Georgia!  I was invited to a Chili Cook-Off last weekend and decided to put together something I usually make for one of my history classes when we’re studying the discovery of the New World – Tomatillo Green Chili. …

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Learn to Cook!

  People say to me all the time “I wish I could take classes with you!  I really need to learn how to cook!”     Well guess what?  You can!  Check out my Classes tab for a listing of the types of classes I offer.  I will even come to your home (provided you …

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7 Fruits You Can Eat On An Anti-Candida Diet

  I am a real believer in letting my food be my medicine, but the foods allowed on a good anti-candida diet make for slim pickins, and it is one of the toughest to stick to.  No carbs, starches, sugars, fruits, or sweets of any kind until you can get the imbalance of your internal …

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