Gluten-Free Party Mix

The beauty of this recipe is that it is can be sweet or savory or both, and it can feature your favorite crackers and snacks.  You can even add extras like chocolate chips, raisins or other dried fruit, or even something exotic like wasabi peas!  Your imagination is the limit!

Tangerine Toes

Tangerine Toes – A Treat From The End Of Your Stocking!

One of my favorite presents on Christmas morning is the tangerine in the toe of my stocking!  No matter what else there might be sticking out of the top, the tangerine at the end is always a huge treat. Here is a playful and quick fruit salad you can make up with any extra tangerines (in case Santa dropped off the rest of the tangerine bag in the kitchen!)

Scottish Herbalism

What did Master Beecham leave in his cabinet for Claire to use? Access to a healer with an extensive herbal medicine cabinet would have been a huge benefit. In this class, we discussed some of the common herbs that were used to soothe and heal in Scotland during the 18th century.