Food Safety

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I’m very excited to announce that I have launched a Patreon page!   With levels from Nibble to Graze, Dine, Sup and Feast, you can support Chef Christy and get access to classes, features like Tasty Beverage Hour, and personalized coaching and instruction, there is something for every level of interest! Head on over to my …

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Finding Urban Food Forests

A food forest is a gardening technique made up of layers of edible trees, shrubs and groundcovers. It contains perennial, diverse and multilayered landscaping. An established food forest can have up to 9 active layers including roots, herbs, ground cover, understory, shrubs, vines, and canopy. It should provide sustainable features for healthy cities, diverse and healthy foods, and good public space. The food forest should be flexible, have varied spaces, be well-connected (such as bike paths), and be centrally located. There is an emphasis on long-term sustainability through perennials, along with annual plantings such as spaces for community garden plots.

GF Thanksgiving, Pt 1: Harvest Millet Dressing

You may look at millet and think, “That looks like birdseed!”, and you would be right.  Birds love millet and it is found in all sorts of birdseed blends.  But it is also a really tasty seed for us to incorporate into our diets.  Millet is rich in B17 which should be a part of …

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