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Learn about the art of cooking through the centuries. From the earliest days of human kind up to and including recipes for the modern home.

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Christy has years of experience visiting the classroom to teach both young and old alike. She teaches in both traditional settings, either private or public school, as well as special settings (in home and abroad) for your educational needs.

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For a wide range of articles on food, cooking, menus and dietary considerations, a vast library of culinary knowledge be sure to visit Christy's Blog for information, education and entertainment.

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3 thoughts on “Ask Chef Christy”

  1. Given that rats produce their own vitamin C, if one were trying to ward off scurvy (say your pirate ship lacked limes), how could one use the rat in cooking to acquire the vitamin C? Would it be preserved in a stew? Would butchering the rat be okay or would consuming the entire animal or making a bone broth be needed? I suppose another important thing to know is if the vitamin C is stockpiled in the rat or if it’s made as needed, which might be worse for the at-risk-of-scurvy pirate chef.

  2. Do you have a recommendation on a book that will explain the process of bread making? Why it is important to let it rise, how to tell if it has over risen? Is there a correction for over risen bread? How do you know how long to cook it. And what would impede the rise and why?

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