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Rave Reviews from Happy Customers

“I have learned Sooo much from you over these past few months! Thank you for the lessons. Everything you have taught me with my diet has made me feel so much better! When I fall off of the wagon, I can FEEL it, and it HURTS! So yes changing my diet is a great thing, a controllable thing I can do to help myself!” – Patricia, Atlanta, Georgia

“Christine has the ability to teach knife skills to the hopelessly uncoordinated allowing me to become “safe” in the kitchen. Her knowledge of dietary restrictions has helped me stay within a gluten free diet without feeling deprived and her creativity in concocting new (and tasty) dishes in unparalleled. (she’s great at getting children excited about healthy food as well!)” –  M’elle, Saratoga Springs, New York

“I attended a class that Christy taught and it was just wonderful. Not only did I learn a lot of cooking skills, I enjoyed the process tremendously. Christy is an excellent cook AND an excellent teacher, plus her good-humor sets a wonderful tone for the class.”  – Linda, Athens, Georgia

“About 15 years ago Christy and I were introduced by mutual friends. We wound up talking about some health issues I was having. I had already seen at least 3 doctors; none were able to treat the root cause of my health issues. I was at my wit’s end, and was heading to doing permanent harm to my body, mentally I was a wreck. I did not know what to do, so I asked for her help. She was kind, she listened to my issue. She did research, and got back to me with her suggestions. I can say she helped me save my health. Long before the general public knew what gluten free was, she taught me how to eat in a way that was not common at the time. She helped me help myself and I will be forever grateful. 

 She is a wonderful educator. She is a joy to work with, she knows her stuff and when there are questions she will do her research and help you learn. If you have food needs you do not understand, need food coaching, or need help to figure out around your dietary issues I can HIGHLY recommend Christine.”Gayle, Rochester, New York

Christy, just wanted to drop by and say THANK YOU for the wonderful knife lessons that I received last year. Yesterday I was able to help a client in the kitchen modify how she was cooking things that were difficult due to arthritis and I remembered how you showed us the proper way to stand, sit and let the knife do the work. You were such an excellent teacher that I was able to pass on some knowledge that let this lady cook more enjoyably! YOU ROCK!!  Katryne – New Brunswick, Canada

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