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Chopped Salad for Two

Cooking for Two – Part Two: Recipes for Two

Our Cooking for Two series continues with one of the biggest challenges faced by those trying to cook on a small scale: portion sizes! Refer back to the MyPlate diagram in Part One of this series to see how much of each type of food you should be serving, and then use these handy basic recipes below to get you started! You can get creative and add different seasonings, use various types of protein, and adapt them to suit your preferences!

Cooking For Two – Part One: Tips and Tricks

Cooking for two people can be a real challenge.   It isn’t a simple matter of cooking less, it involves some careful planning, shopping, and preparation, along with a plan to create “plan-aheads” (instead of “leftovers”) and a way to package and store them.   I teach Cooking For Two classes quite a lot, and we have …

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