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Christy Seelye-King


The King's Players

An accomplished character actor, Christy can appear to be anyone at anytime. Her broad range of characters extend from Mrs. Santa Claus to Brunhilde and various historical recreations of perfectly period personas.

Classroom Instructor

Christy has years of experience visiting the classroom to teach both young and old alike. She teaches in both traditional settings, either private or public school, as well as special settings (in home and abroad) for your educational needs.

Historic Period Foods

Culinary Historian

Learn about the art of cooking through the centuries. From the earliest days of human kind up to and including recipes for the modern home.

Chef Christy at The Learning Kitchen at Sweet Auburn Market

Culinary Mentor

Christy can help you shop for and prepare food that fits your special dietary needs such as allergies, sensitivities and building a healthy diet.

The Shop at King's Taste

Find all the items for sale at King's Taste Productions in one place.

About King's Taste Productions

Take to your heart the story of King's Taste Productions and its founding.

Ask Chef Christy

Christy Seelye-King is a classically trained chef among her other talents.

Who is Christy Seelye-King?

Who is is this international woman of mystery? And why don't you know more about her? Take a moment and learn a little something about the star of King's Taste Productions.

A miniature house


A masterpiece of miniaturization, this is the lifelong collection of Jean Seelye, a dedicated hobbyist, who has brought to us the world of Seelyeville.