October 2013

Apple Season

Eating seasonal foods is a fantastic idea all year round, but I admit to getting an extra amount of satisfaction when it comes to end-of-the-year holiday season foods. Starting with late October and working through January, I am going to explore the foods that are in season for North America, the history behind their use …

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I am doing research for a new class I’m putting together on brain food, energy drinks, pick-me-ups and any other activity that gives you a boost of energy, whether mental, physical or spiritual.  Things that you can turn to when you need revitalization and focus.  I’ve been asking on my Facebook page and getting some great …

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The Chickens That Lay The Golden Eggs

I had the chance to spend some time with my fellow healthy food blogger Jaya Patel last week.  We were playing around making some videos in her kitchen.  When we were done, she treated me to some of her Golden Eggs.  She and her daughters have been keeping three pet backyard chickens.  These are some …

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