The History of King’s Taste Productions

In 1988, my late husband Miles Edward King (1956-1992) and I formed a company and called it King’s Taste Productions.  The connection to the surname King is obvious, but there is a specific meaning behind the phrase.  In modern recipes, you often see the phrase: ‘season to taste’ – meaning your taste, the cook’s taste.  In a medieval manuscript, a recipe might read ‘season to the King’s taste’.  In other words, work to please those whom you serve.  (It was also the title of one of our first cookbooks on the Middle Ages by author Lorna J. Sass: )

Our first venture was marketing heraldic plaques made by a mad Irishman we met that was trying to get a business going.   We found that while we couldn’t sell the plaques, we could have sold the heraldic reference books we had with us a dozen times over.  We gave up on the Irishman and went into the used book business, specializing in finding research materials for patrons studying historical time periods, especially the Middle Ages and Renaissance.  We developed a relationship with Shire Books Ltd in Buckhinghamshire, UK, and carried their delightful pamphlet series of Discovering and Archaeology books until their sale to OxBow Books in 2007.

Over the years, King’s Taste Productions has come to encompass the myriad creative efforts of myself, Miles King, Dallas W. Fox, and various other friends and artists along the way.  From the sale of books of interest and object d’art (ok, really cool stuff – it isn’t junk, really!), to classes on a wide range of topics, character performances including Santa and Mrs. Claus as well as Madam Fortuna and Brunhilde, cooking instruction and professional certification with Chef Christy, to consulting on a vast array of topics, we will strive to serve you as we would a King!

Historic Reenactment

Having been interested in history since my teens, I started doing historic reenactment and research.  Most of our book business was done for members of the historic recreation organization known as The Society for Creative Anachronism.  You can find many comments and articles by me under my SCA name: Mistress Christianna MacGrain. I hold the awards of Pelican and Laurel within that organization, recognizing contributions in Service and the Arts on the National Level.

I first joined this group in 1979, and met Miles at my very first event.  His SCA name was Master Knikolos Major of Salem-by-the-Sea.

Miles E. King


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Bibliography of Books and Articles by Christine Seelye-King aka Christianna MacGrain 

Easy Gluten-Free Entertaining     

43 Tables  (contributor, Kat Robinson, Editor)

Author of “The Feast Planner’s Handbook”

“The Accomplisht Childe”

“Christmas Celebrations”

“366 Days of Celebrations, or, A Year Full Of Reasons To Throw A Party”.

 Miss Christy

Instructor: Learners and Educators of Atlanta and Decatur is a non-profit, inclusive, secular home school organization providing social educational opportunities to home educated children and their families in the metro-Atlanta area.  Classes are currently held virtually.

Classes taught for LEAD include: The Living History Series: Exploring Roman Britain, Exploring The Middle Ages, Exploring The Renaissance, Exploring the Vikings, Exploring Pirates, and Explorers!; Cooking With Chef Christy: Healthy Cooking for Teens, International Cuisines, Culinary Basics, Cooking for Special Diets, and Kitchen Science; Introduction to Handsewing, Introduction to Sewing Machines; and Science.


Miz Wiz


Science Classes are some of my favorite after-school activities.  I’ve done fun science presentations to kids ages 5-12 in elementary schools and at special events for many years as Miz Wiz,  for Mad Science of Atlanta, Big Thinkers Science Explorations, and Bricks4Kids LEGO Camps.

Chef Christy

I served a Chef’s Apprenticeship through the American Culinary Federation in all areas of food service.  I graduated from the Apprenticeship in March 1984, ACF – Certified Culinarian. I was the first woman in the South Eastern United States to graduate from the program.

I am a Certified ServSafe® Instructor and Registered ServSafe Proctor for the National Restaurant Association Solutions (NRA Solutions).

 Over the years, my culinary experience has included Management of kitchens varying in size from 1 to 25 employees;  personnel scheduling, hiring/firing, training, supervision and payroll.  Responsibilities included purchasing, menu development, daily planning, food preparation, cooking, service and clean-up.  Introduced improvements in security practices, fire safety training and recycling programs.



Reverend Christine

Having been asked to officiate at a friend’s wedding, I obtained Ordination through the Universal Life Church: in 2009.

I am available to officiate at weddings, vow renewals, baptisms, funerals, and other ceremonial occasions.

Peach Curry  

From 1999 until 2003, I played and sang with a band called Peach Curry.  We put out one album called “Dancing with the Infidels”, which was a combination of Middle Eastern and European dance music, aimed largely at an SCA audience.