Services and Pricing

Everyone has questions about food, cooking, healthy eating, and general info about trends in diet and lifestyle, but where do you turn to get reliable information?  Ask Chef Christy!   Whether you are looking to learn more for your own needs, or you are looking for a very special gift, Chef Christy's services can be the perfect gift to yourself or your friends, to newlyweds or college students heading out on their own for the first time!
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Private Coaching  One-on-One time with your own personal Chef Advisor!  This can be great for coaching through diet and lifestyle changes, or for helping to plan a big occasion with a lot of guests with different needs.

Classes from the Class Catalog  
Cooking classes can be a great way to spice up a party, encourage healthy eating  at home, or create a team-building exercise for work or volunteer groups.  Choose the length of your class, then select dishes from one of a wide variety of menus.  You and your group will recieve Ingredient and Equipment Lists like this one so that you can be ready to cook along at home from the comfort of your own kitchen.  Please notify Chef Christy in advance of any food allergies or dietary challenges so the dishes can be adapted to your taste!

Personalized Classes to Suit Your Needs   New dietary challenges can seem quite overwhelming, and having to make changes is understandably stressful and difficult.  I have many years of experience helping clients develop new menus, take their long lists of "no" foods and create a "YES LIST" for them.  I will work with you to develop recipes and classes specific to your needs, and then lead you through a step-by-step class so that you are prepared to take on your new lifestyle changes.
Or maybe you just want to learn something that isn't in my Class Catalogue already, and want me to develop a special class just for you and your friends!  We can do that too!  Either way, choose the length of your class (and the number of recipes), and we will work together to create a personalized experience.

ServeSafe Certification

The State of Georgia requires every food service establishment in the state to have at least one person on premises during hours of operation trained and certified for safe food handling.  The National Restaurant Association’s ServSafe program is one of the top professional certification programs in the nation.  Holding a current ServSafe certificate increases job opportunities and compensation rates.  To learn more about this program, click here.


 Private Consultation, Virtual, 1 hour                                                                                 

   Food Demo, for Groups of up to 90 Connections, Virtual, 40 minutes
   Customized Presentation

   Classes with Chef Christy from the Class Catalog, up to 8 Connections, Virtual
   2-3 recipes, 1 hour             $100
   3-4 recipes, 2 hours           $155
   5-6 recipes, 3  hours          $210

   Personalized Classes, up to 8 connections, Virtual
   2-3 recipes, 1 hour             $155
   3-4 recipes, 2 hours           $210
   5-6 recipes, 3 hours           $265

   Discounts available for Class Series of 3, 6, 9, 12, or 15 classes

   In-person classes may be available.  Additional Fees will apply.

   To book a class or other service, Ask Chef Christy!