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Questions may be answered via the Ask Chef Christy blog.

Menu Planning

We all know that moment of panic, when we’re faced with planning an important meal for guests with dietary challenges!  Your son’s girlfriend is a vegetarian and is coming for Thanksgiving dinner?  Your best friend has become gluten free and now you are planning a shower for her?  Chef Christy can help with your plans, shopping lists, recipes, even suggestions for other guests when they ask what to bring.   Service includes consultation, prepared menu, shopping lists, recipes, serving suggestions and party tips.

Pantry Reorganization

A well-stocked pantry becomes your ticket to a world of fantastic cooking experiences.  But just as you plan your trips –packing, making reservations and perusing travel guides — your pantry needs to be kept organized, with the contents well stored and constantly rotated to maintain the freshest ingredients for your culinary magic.  Chef Christy will partner with you for a complete overhaul of your in-home pantry and food storage areas.  We’ll read labels, check expiration dates, and donate foods no longer suitable for you to food pantries (I will even box it up and take it to a donation center for you, if you like.)  We’ll also create a labeling and dating system to help you keep products rotated and fresh.

Classroom Visit

With instant this and packaged that, kids today have no idea what constitutes healthy food, or how to make it!  (And there are more than a few adults out there who could use a few pointers.)  Chef Christy brings her exceptional instructional style, vast array of food knowledge, and a healthy dose of humor to every class she teaches.  Enjoy her Tempting Tastes class, food demonstrations, a discussion of Healthy Snacks, Food Pyramid, MyPlate, or Special Diets —  or ask about creating a custom topic tailored to your class needs.

Depending on classroom size and facilities, some cooking can be done on site.  Even with limited facilities, food tastings can be arranged for most classes.

Guest Lecturer

Have Christy lecture on a many varied range of topics from cooking to historical subject matter to historical cooking.


Cooking classes can be a great way to spice up a party, encourage healthy eating at home, or create a team-building exercise for work or volunteer groups.  Chef Christy’s classes average 90 minutes, although most can be adapted to 60-minute formats.

See the Classes page for details on Chef Christy’s classes!

Culinary Mentoring

1-2 hour Consultation

Gather the recommendations from your doctor, nutritionist, and any other independent research you’ve done.  Together, we’ll discuss your individual case history and create a comprehensive picture of your food and lifestyle needs.

Your “Yes” List

A comprehensive and cross-referenced list of foods you can embrace.  Keep it on your phone for easy reference when shopping, or print out the .pdf version to post on your refrigerator.

Menu Planning

Sample menus to get you started on planning with your new Yes List.


Chef Accompanied Shopping Trips to both a Farmer’s Market and a standard Grocery Store *

You’ll get a hands-on lesson in reading food labels and comparing units, including special tips to avoid the marketing schemes that encourage you to spend more and buy things you don’t need.  Using your Yes List, discover products that work for you.

Cooking Classes In Your Home*

1.5 hrs. Cooking Classes (up to 6 ppl)

These individual classes can be booked individually or as part of a Culinary Mentoring package discounted to half price!

  • Knife Skills
  • Gluten Free Baking: Alternative Grains
  • Special Class designed for your needs
  • Pantry Reorganization

*additional distance fees may apply outside of I-285.

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  1. Lindsey Feldpausch

    I’m writing to tell you about a project my cohorts and I are dreamin’ up in the piedmont region of North Carolina. We are a bunch of herbalists who have the privilege of leasing a 500 acre camp in Lowgap. We are moving there in March from all over the country, my family and I from the wilds of Northern Michigan. And our goal is to start a herbalism education and retreat center but we are also going to be opening up a couple weekends a month to skills share workshops.

    Which is why I’m writing you. We are wondering if you would like to do a gluten-free cooking weekend workshop on our land! Let us know what you think and if you are interested what type of reimbursement you would be looking for. Looking forward to hearing from you and hopefully making this happen!

    Thanks for you time,

  2. Hi Christine,
    My name is Judith Williams and I’m a cultural anthropologist doing research on Black women who work in the front of the house of Atlanta’s most popular full-service restaurants. I’m reaching out to see if you know of any Black woman in the Atlanta area that I can chat with. My email is Judith.Williams@Furman.edu, and my cell is 305-335-0139. Please feel to reach out if you think of anyone or if there are restaurants and organizations you think I should be in touch with.
    Warm regards,

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