Toasted Cumin

Pumpkin Salsa

This may or may not be my last pumpkin post of the season, but we are experiencing an unexpected pumpkin bounty here, so Pumpkin Salsa seemed like a great idea.  I was gifted with this enormous Banana Squash, along with some yellow-fleshed Acorn Squash, creamy yellow-skinned and white-fleshed Summer Squash, and some miniature decorative pumpkins.  …

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Tomatillo Green Chili

This frigid January has been a great time to celebrate National Soup Month, even here in usually-sunny Georgia!  I was invited to a Chili Cook-Off last weekend and decided to put together something I usually make for one of my history classes when we’re studying the discovery of the New World – Tomatillo Green Chili. …

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