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I am not currently teaching any in-person classes, but I am happy to talk to you about adapting any of the topics below for your virtual group!

Chef Christy making Spring Rolls

Give the Gift of Cooking!

Treat your loved ones to a personalized consultation and cooking class designed to accommodate even the most challenging of diets.

After a 30 minute consultation, Chef Christy will tailor a 90 minute class to suit the needs of the student.  Topics may include Knife Skills, Cooking with Herbs and Spices, Gluten-Free, Dairy Free and other special dietary needs.

Have a loved one that is facing changes to their diet?  Let Chef Christy show your support for their new lifestyle by helping them along their healthy path!
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Gift Certificates now available.

Adult Knife SkillsGroup Cooking Classes 1.5 hrs. Cooking Classes (Limit 6 students unless otherwise noted)
 Cooking classes can be a great way to spice up a party, encourage healthy eating  at home, or create a team-building exercise for work or volunteer groups.  Chef  Christy’s classes average 90 minutes, although most can be adapted to 60-minute  formats.

If kitchen facilities are available, hands-on cooking instruction can be included in most courses.  If there are no adequate cooking facilities, tasting samples and recipes will be provided for home study.

*Please notify your instructor of any food allergies at least 72 hours ahead of time.*

Tempting Tastes

Did you know there are 5 types of tastes? This workshop explores all the interesting characteristics of our tongue! We challenge our taste buds with a set of taste tests that help us identify all of our food.  Be prepared to map your tongue, explore your tastes, take the Saliva Test and learn to accurately describe flavors and sensations.  Food tasting included in this class.  Perfect as a kid’s class, but adults always learn something too! (Limit 20 students)

Knife Skills Class - smKnife Skills

An essential class for anyone who works in or around a kitchen, from beginners to those that just want a refresher.  Have confidence in your ability to safely and accurately use a sharp knife, know what to look for when purchasing a good knife, and learn how to keep it sharp and maintained.

Understanding Natural Foods

This class will introduce students to natural vs. synthetic processing; discuss specific characteristics of various grains, beans, sweeteners, and more; discuss a range of diet choices and how to combine them to create the right plan for you; explore the importance of vitamins and supplementation; the significance of using organic foods; the ins and outs of oils and fats; and many other fascinating food topics. Each class will have samples to examine along with opportunities to taste foods you may not have seen before.  Activities may include, but will not be limited to identifying seasonal foods, grinding grain, making dough, comparing thickeners, building a fat molecule, and/or grinding nuts and seeds.
2 sessions

Aztec Platter

Gluten Free Grains

White Ginger Flower
White Ginger Flower

Start With the Basics: Understanding the Common Herbs

You hear about herbs all the time, but where do you go to find out how to use them?  Identify and discuss safe wild and cultivated herbs known for medicinal uses in history and still known today.  Common uses for each herb will be discussed.  Herbs will include mint, parsley, garlic, dill, rosemary and more.  Herbs for tasting/smelling will be offered.
1-2  sessions

Sekanjabin with cold water and mint
Sekanjabin with cold water and mint

Cooking With Herbs

This class will discuss the uses of fresh and dried herbs and the foods they complement, along with hands-on demonstrations that will familiarize students with hot and cold food preparation, beverages, spice blends, and more.

Making and Using Herbal Preparations

Most herbs are effective as Tonics: not one-shot wonder drugs, but daily treatments over days or weeks.  To ensure the quality of the herbal products you use, you might want to make your own. Even if you are buying them prepared, having a working knowledge of the various forms that herbal products come in will help you make informed decisions.  Samples of various herbal products will be available for touching/smelling.   Longer sessions will include hands-on preparation of several types of herbal products.  1-4 sessions

Trussing ducks to a spitHistorical Cooking

Historical cooking has been identified by the New York Times as one of the hottest trends of the year.  It’s not just trendy; it’s fun and educational as well!

Eras for exploration include Roman, Roman Britain, Viking, Medieval, Renaissance, Colonial, Victorian, Edwardian, and 20th Century.

An example of topics from the Medieval class: Medieval period foods; New World foods; Medieval feasting practices including Royal visits, banquet officers and feasting traditions; food preparation and the Humoral Theory.  Methods of research and use of historical cooking texts and the difference between primary and  secondary sources will be discussed.

Profiles in Flavor - Caribbean ingredientsProfiles in Flavor

Ingredient-driven classes featuring ‘exotic’ flavors, featuring the components that make up the traditional elements of each style. Classes include tastings, both of prepared items/specialty ingredients and dishes prepared in class.

Each class will feature a shopping list of seasonings, condiments and ingredients to have on hand in your pantry to be able to cook authentically-flavored dishes.

Cuisine topics to choose from include: American Regional, African, Caribbean, Chinese, French, German, Greek, Italian, Latin American, Spanish, Thai, Vegetarian

Curried AlmondsTasting Parties

Tired of the same old party chat, balancing plates on your knees and wishing for something interesting to happen?  Looking for an interesting theme for a birthday party, anniversary party, Sweet Sixteen or wedding shower?  Why not give your next event a touch of fun along with a hint of sophistication and learning?

Chef Christy will guide you through the world of food tasting, using terminology to describe the things you like (and don’t like!) as well as allowing you and your guests to discover new flavors from international and local sources.  Each food type will be discussed, and suggestions for food and wine pairings will be made.  Judging sheets will be provided to record your thoughts and details of each sample.

A list of suggested foods and wines for you to serve at the party to compliment the tasting can be provided.

Tastings average 90 minutes.  Minimum 8, Maximum 20 people

$40 per person

Tasting Party Topics:

  • Cheese Tasting
  • Chocolate Tasting
  • Herb and Spice Tasting
  • Olive Oil Tasting and Virtual Tour
  • Food Group of Your Choice Tasting

ServSafe Instructor - sm


The State of Georgia requires every food service establishment in the state to have at least one person on premises during hours of operation trained and certified for safe food handling.  The National Restaurant Association’s ServSafe program is one of the top professional certification programs in the nation.  Holding a current ServSafe certificate increases job opportunities and compensation rates.  To view more details about this class offering click here.d

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