Happy Holiday Trivia October

Event Details

Friday Night Fun throughout the Holiday Season!

Join us for a  60 – 90 minute Zoom gathering utilizing the Chat, Polls, and Whiteboard functions of Zoom to create a truly interactive experience.

We’ll play a 20-question Trivia Set, utilizing the Zoom Polls function.   After we’ve named our Trivia Champs, we’ll use the Whiteboard function (or play along from home using old school paper and a marker) vying for easy, medium and hard points from the  Holiday Clues.  No pressure on the Trivia or the Charades, this is a party! Everyone keeps their own scores on the Honor System, and we’re all playing for fun! No need to draw if you aren’t feeling like an artist, either.  You can still play along by helping to guess the often-hilarious art of your fellow players!  The two games should last about an hour.  There will be approximately 30 minutes of optional “free draw” time at the end if people still want to try their hand at being a Zoom artist!

Want to get together a private game for your group?  Drop me a line and let's get it on the schedule!  Ask me about tailoring your party with bespoke questions written with your group's interests highlighted!

All of this fun for just $7, or head on over to Patreon and become an Ask Chef Christy Patron, and play for free!  www.patreon.com/AskChefChristy/

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