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In this 4-session class, you’ll learn the significant seasonings and ingredients that typify the flavors of Greece, Ireland, Thailand, and Spain.  Cook along from the comfort of your home kitchen, and customize the ingredients lists to suit your individual needs!  Please note any food allergies or considerations so the menus can be tailored to the class.

March 6th

Greece is the birthplace of the original Mediterranean Diet, where the fresh tastes of fragrant herbs evoke the Foods of the Gods.  Discover the history of this rich ancient land and the foods it has contributed to the world.

Avgolemono Soup
Souzoukaklia (seasoned meat baked or grilled on skewers)
Tsatziki Sauce with Pita Points
Mizithropita (sweetened cheese pie)
Bonus Recipe – (Suggested Side) Maroulosalata (fresh romaine salad with spring onions, dill, and oregano)

March 13th

Ireland is a bountiful country bursting with amazing produce, dairy, seafood, and meat. It has seen a culinary resurgence in the last few years, and its cuisine is finally receiving the attention it deserves.  Just in time for St. Patrick’s Day, explore flavors that come from the land and waters of the Emerald Isle and experience a small part of the warmth and friendship you find when you visit there.  Sláinte!

Salmon Cucumber Craic
Guinness Lamb Stew
Traditional Soda Bread
Irish Cream Trifle /Fruity Fool
Bonus Recipe – Irish Coffee

 March 20th

Thai cuisine has become one of the most popular Asian flavors to take America by storm! Identify exotic flavors  and create signature Thai dishes that perfectly meld the flavors of sweet, salty, sour, spicy and savory!

Thai Summer Rolls or Cold Noodle Salad with Hoisin Sauce
Larb Muan (Fragrant Minced Chicken with Herbs)
Curried Eggplant and Cauliflower
Sticky Rice with Mango and Salted Coconut Sauce
Bonus Recipe – Ketjap Manis (sweet spiced soy sauce condiment)

March 27th

The history of Spain is flavored with the many people that have moved through the land from the Romans, the Celts, the Arabs and the Moors, as well as influences from both French and Italian Cooking.  Tour the culinary regions of Spain and the foods that make up their delicious history.

Tapas (including  Stuffed Dates, Marinated Olives)
Moretum (Herbed Garlic Cheese Spread)
Huevos de Primavera  (Baked Spring Vegetables with Eggs and Cheese)
Saffron Rice
Bonus Recipe – Aloxa, a honey drink


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