The Gluttonous Geek Reviews Chef Christy

The fine folks at The Gluttonous Geek have written a simply marvelous review of my “Upstairs/Downstairs – Dining At The Manor” class.  Check out the awesome review and wonderful pictures.  While you are there, take the time to look over the rest of her website – we bloggers really appreciate that!

Chef Christy at Cook's Warehouse Dining Etiquette Photo by The Gluttonous Geek
Her hair just adds to the awesome. – Photo by The Gluttonous Geek

The Gluttonous Geek Learns Edwardian Etiquette

Dining at the Manor – Cooking Class Recap

Charlotte Russe at Chef Christy's Etiquette Class Photo by The Gluttonous Geek
Charlotte Russe with Fruit Paste Garnish – Photo by The Gluttonous Geek

Experience a Class with Chef Christy!

The classes mentioned in her review were held at Anachrocon in February 2016 and were great fun! If your group is interested in having me do a class or presentation, please send me a comment here or on Facebook at: Chef Christy – ATL

You can check out my Classes page for information about other topics and presentations that I can do for you!




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