Coconut Milk Eggnog

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Want a delicious dairy-free but still incredibly indulgent eggnog?  Try this historic recipe from the 19th century using coconut milk that appears in my cookbook, Mrs. Claus Cooks for Holiday Entertaining!


Coconut Egg Nog

 Egg nog is a favorite for the holidays, but it can be so heavy! For a dairy-free option, using coconut milk for egg nog goes all the way back to a cookbook put out in 1899! Here is a fresh and delicious version of Coconut Egg Nog, mixed with whipped egg whites to give it a much lighter texture than you might expect. This is a great place to use your microplane with fresh nutmeg. A few gratings on top as well as some cooked into the custard give it that traditional flavor.

1 14oz. can coconut milk
2 egg yolks
2 tbsp. honey or sugar (or sweetener of choice)
½ tsp. vanilla extract
½ tsp. brandy or port extract (optional)
2 egg whites
Dash of salt
2 tbsp. honey or sugar
Spirits (optional)

Pour the can of coconut milk into a cold saucepan. Add egg yolks and sugar. Stirring constantly with a whisk or wooden spoon, bring the mixture to just below the boiling point. When the mixture begins to thicken, remove from heat and add the vanilla and optional flavorings (these are especially good if you plan to serve this without alcohol). Allow to sit and cool.

In another bowl, add the sugar and salt to the egg whites and whip until they form soft peaks.

Fold about ¾ of the egg whites into the coconut and egg custard, gently stirring to combine. Reserve some of the meringue for garnish.

To serve, add a shot of your favorite brandy, port, sherry, rum, or other spirit of choice to a small, round cup. (“Noggin” is a word meaning the small cup that ‘nogs’ were served in.) Pour in the egg nog mixture and top with some of the meringue. Grate fresh nutmeg over the top and serve!

Egg Nog

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