Braised Green Garlic Shoots and Red Radishes

I’ve started ordering from a CSA again (that’s “consumer supported agriculture” for the uninitiated, which is a subscription to a box of fresh organic vegetables from a local farm).  The last time I did this I made a promise to myself that I would find a way to prepare and like each of the offerings that showed up in my box.  Red radishes were a challenge for me.  Here is a recipe from Easy Gluten Free Entertaining that I came up with to use these beautiful spring ingredients and love them too!

Braised Green Garlic Shoots and Red Radishes

Grain Free, Gluten Free, Nut Free, Dairy Free, Vegetarian, Vegan

The shelves of fresh markets in the spring are covered with young green shoots of many vegetables that will be seen in more mature forms later in the season, so take advantage of it while it lasts! Our bodies need all of the fresh young greens we can get at this time of year, so find new ways to use up all of the young sprouts you see. Green garlic shoots look like large headed overgrown scallions. They have a bit of a tough skin, but a long braising like this renders them tender and delicious beside red radishes that have become mellow with the long slow moist braising treatment. Keep it simple, use good quality pepper, olive oil or butter, and let the youngsters of spring speak for themselves.

knife and cutting board
baking pan
lid or foil

1 bunch red radishes
1 bunch green garlic sprouts
½ cup chicken or veggie stock
1 tbsp. butter or olive oil
½ tsp salt
few grinds of black peppercorns

1. Clean radishes and cut in half, then in ½ inch wide chunks
2. Cut garlic shoots off below the green leaves. Slice the bulb and shoot in half, then slice in ½ inch wide chunks.
3. Place radishes and garlic shoots into a baking dish.
4. Crack good quality black peppercorn over them, salt to taste.
5. Pour on enough stock to cover the bottom of the baking dish.
6. Dot with butter or a drizzle of olive oil.
7. Cover with a lid or foil.
8. Bake at 350 degrees. Check on them at 20 minutes and give them a stir, then recover them and give them another 10 minutes or until the garlic shoots are cooked through and soft.

Serving Size

Braised Red Radishes and Green Garlic Shoots
Braised Red Radishes and Green Garlic Shoots

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