Gluten-Free Grains Video

Check out my newest video explaining Gluten-Free Grains!

Special Thanks to Sean Peck for being a fantastic videographer – check out his work at: Pecktec on YouTube

I’ll be teaching a weekend-long class at the John C. Campbell Folk School later this summer on August 21st – 23rd.  If you want an up-close-and-personal opportunity to work with a wide variety of gluten-free whole grains, check out the gorgeous surroundings of the Smoky Mountains and join me!  Class info here

This is a very preliminary list of the types of things we’ll be covering in class.  My plan is to have a large variety of grains, flours, seeds, and other gluten friendly products to allow in-class experimentation and personalization.

Intro, Challenges, Gluten Free Cuisines,
Knife Skills, Corn
Discuss: Corn Products- corn flour, cornmeal, starch, grits, hominy

Breakfast Foods
Skills: Identify and use various forms of grains to replace breakfast favorites
Discuss: Baking Mixes, Various forms of grains (stone ground, fine ground, puffed, flaked, powdered, crumbs, etc.)

Gluten Free Grain Intensive
Skills: Mix custom baking mixes to suit individual recipes
Discuss: Properties of gluten, properties of various grains and what they bring to a baking mix. Quinoa, millet, rice, oats, buckwheat, sorghum, tapioca, cassava, etc.

Snack and Party Foods
Skills:breaking away from gluten-based snack foods
Discuss: gluten free foods that lend themselves to replacing bread and crackers


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