Herb and Chive Butter

I recently came into a bumper crop of fresh herbs here in the middle of winter!  What to do?  Make an Herb and Chive Compound Butter!

Herbed Compound Butter Set-Up
Herbed Compound Butter Set-Up

I started out with a handful of fresh sage, maybe two dozen chives, and a large handful of curly-leaf parsley.  I softened 1/2 pound of unsalted butter.  The butter was beaten with a wooden spoon to smooth it out and soften it a bit more.  Each herb was chopped finely and then mixed into the softened butter.  Seasoned with salt, pepper, and a little granulated garlic to taste.

Herbed Compound ButterWhen it was all combined, I let it sit in the fridge for a few minutes and then used it to coat a spatchcocked chicken (see my post here for instructions on how to spatchcock a bird)

Herbed Chicken with Compound Butter

The rest of this delicious herbed compound butter we ate up on toast.  If we hadn’t been so greedy, I could have rolled it up into parchment paper and kept it in the freezer for times when I wanted to add some fresh herbs to a dish or a sauce!

A compound butter is a fantastic way to feature fresh herbs in your cooking, and also a wonderful way to preserve their fresh taste far past their brief lifespan.  Mix up your flavors and use whatever you have on hand!



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