Mrs. Claus Cooks for Holiday Entertaining

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I am very excited to announce that my newest cookbook,Mrs. Claus Cooks for Holiday Entertaining” is now available on the Cookbook Cafe at!

It is full of traditional food favorites from around the world, hand picked to make it easy on the hostess to prepare fantastic dishes and enjoy the party too!

The wonderful folks at have made publishing a cookbook super simple with the creation of Cookbook Cafe.  Check it out and all of the amazing titles there!

Here is what you’ll find in “Mrs. Claus Cooks”.  I hope you enjoy it!

Mrs. Claus knows all about having a hectic schedule during this busy season, and she opens her kitchen to share her secrets for making entertaining easy, including hints to accommodate your guest’s dietary needs such as gluten-free, dairy-free, and vegetarian!

Fill up your guest’s mugs with hearty Wassail, a soothing Caroler’s Toddy, or even a rich, dairy-free Coconut Egg Nog! On Christmas Eve, celebrate the end of the Advent fast with a Festive Red and Green Salad with a Basic Vinaigrette. Create bite-sized St. Sylvester’s Fish Cakes with Homemade Remoulade and Pomodoro Sauce. If you have vegetarians coming to dinner, wow them with Cabbage Rolls stuffed with Mushrooms and Tempeh, served with a Sherried Cream Sauce!

Cover your table with festive dishes like the Festival of the Radishes Salad, delicious cold sliced Irish Spiced Beef, and serve Christmas Dinner on a Stick as finger food with Sage Butter, Orange Gravy, Zingy Cranberry Ginger Sauce and Parslied Horseradish Sauce on the side.

For Christmas Morning Brunch, make Tangerine Toes as a fun way to use the sweet treat in the toe of your stocking! St. Nicholas’ Golden Balls makes a great alternative to French Toast, and if you have some Irish Spiced Beef leftover, save some to make Spiced Who Hash!

For guests that drop by, follow an old French tradition of keeping 13 Desserts out on your table during the holidays, alongside Pere Noel’s Bush du Noel.

With holiday dishes from around the world packed with traditional flavors and historic flare, Mrs. Claus Cooks to show you how to enjoy your holiday, guests, and family without missing out on all the fun!

13 Desserts - sm
13 Desserts

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