How TechMunch Taught Me To Go Beyond Meat

On Friday I attended TechMunch, a conference hosted by the Atlanta Food Blogger’s Society, bringing in BakeSpace founder Babbette Papaj and a wonderful program aimed at Food Bloggers.  It was held in the event space at Monday Night Brewing, one the west side not far from the Water Works.

I have to admit to a bit of a fan girl crush.  I got to hear Virginia Willis speak on a panel with Bakerella Angie Dudley.  Virginia seemed to be speaking directly to me when she said “You Have To Focus!”  🙂

Virginia Willis, Christy Seelye-King, Angie Dudley
Virginia Willis, Christy Seelye-King, Angie Dudley

Among the many fantastic sponsors of the event was a product that surprised me.  Beyond Meat is a company that features plant-based protein, charmingly and compellingly presented by company rep Justin Moore-Brown.  The product comes in two forms: Beyond Chicken strips, and Beyond Beef crumbles, made with pea protein, amaranth, and other gluten-free, GMO-free ingredients.  I told Jason that having worked in the natural food industry for many years, I was skeptical.  He laughed and agreed, saying he had felt the same way before going to work for them.  At the break they served some to us in samples; the chicken strips in a cold chicken salad and the beef crumbles on a taco.  I was amazed.  This is not your grandmother’s TVP! (In fact, it isn’t like tvp at all.  While the chicken strips do contain some soy, the beefy crumbles are soy-free.) The chicken strips have a very meaty mouth-feel and are very tasty.  The beef crumbles were indistinguishable from any taco meat I’ve ever had (in a good way).   The products are currently in Atlanta stores at Sprouts, Whole Foods, and Publix in the freezer section.

Beyond Meat
Beyond Beef



I have 3 coupons for a free package of Beyond Meat.  I will give them to the first three people to leave a comment on this blog post (a comment on my FB page doesn’t count!)  The coupons expire on November 1st of 2014, so use them quickly!



Finally, I got a goofy pic of me in the Big Bad Booth‘s photo booth.  🙂Techmunch PhotoI am so happy to have had the opportunity to attend the TechMunch program this year.  I have loads of ideas to work on, and new topics to blog about.  As always, keep those questions coming, because they form the heart of Ask Chef Christy!

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  1. I’d love to try these. I’ve not had good experiences in the past. Might be a nice change of pace from all the chicken and turkey we do, with occasional lean ground beef.

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