O is for Oh, My, I’m really far behind!

ambersweet_oranges - PD
O is for Oranges, filled with antioxidants


O is for oxygen and all of the things it does for us and to us.  Antioxidants in your food are helpful to stave off the aging process that oxygen causes to our cells!


Green Plantain

P is for plantain, which can mean a wonderful starchy vegetable that looks a lot like a banana, and can be fried into Tostones (or if you read my cookbook, the Tostondwich!).

broadleaf plantain
Broadleaf Plantain

Plantain is also a fantastic herbal first-aid plant, making a dandy in-the-field band-aid and a crucial ingredient in my Bug Bite Lotion!


Oeufs en Gelee
Quail’s Eggs make a fantastic serving size

Q is for quail’s eggs, that I like to use for smaller portions when making brunch foods.  They are the perfect size to fit into a Scotch Egg, or Ouefs en Gelee, or a Baked Ham Cup.



Rooibos Tea
Rooibos Tea

R is for rooibos tea!  This South African plant adds a red color and fruity flavor to teas, and is a potent anti-oxidant! I love a Rooibos Chai blend in the morning.


Brogan's Meat
Roasting meat full of Savory flavor

S is for sweet, sour, salty and savory – the flavors that I passed over when I wrote B is for Bitter.  Savory is the newest recognized flavor in the group, thanks to Japanese scientists introducing us to the concept of ‘umame’.  Chicken stock, soy sauce, and MSG all give that savory flavor that tells us there is protein present.

T is for tomorrow!

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