N is for…Ninja Nuns Noshing Nutella?

Miss Christy happily chopping up rabbit bits
Nineteenth Century Cooking


In an effort to find a good topic to go with N, I asked my friends on Facebook to give me suggestions. I got several good (and some not-so-good) replies, enough to fill two months of blog posts!



For the Nuts that I call my friends, N is for…

Nutella – especially the dairy-free kind you can make yourself. Toast a cup of hazelnuts in the oven just long enough for them to start to release some aroma. Rub the skins off between two towels, or leave them on. Put them in a food processor and grind until a paste forms. You may want to add up to a tablespoon of hazelnut, almond or other neutral oil to help form the hazelnut butter. Add about a quarter of a cup of raw cocoa powder, 2-3 ounces of agave nectar or a light honey, a pinch of sea salt and some high quality vanilla to taste. Play around with the proportions until it suits your tastes. If you find you really miss the milk, use some coconut milk or even coconut oil to give the mixture that extra ‘smoothness’.

N is also for…

Nighttime Nutrition” – you know, I tried not eating after dark last summer, and it worked very well. Now that the days are getting longer again, I think I will go back to that. One thing is for sure, when you stop eating at sundown, Breakfast definitely becomes the most important meal of the day!

More NNNnnns….

Nasturtiums in Buena Vista Park

“Nutritious Nuggets”, “Noodles, Nuggets, and Nuts, oh my!”
Nori – (one of the only sea vegetables that I really dislike!)
Nut Cases. Nun Chicks. Knuckle Sandwich (no wait…)
Nigella, nachos, naan, nectarine Neopolitan
New world foods
Natural colors and flavors in baking!!!

Egg Nog

Nog, nugat
Nostrils. It is, after all, allergy season.


Nuts, nutmeg, noodles, Napa cabbage, naval oranges, nectarines, Neufchatel cheese, navy beans, neeps, and then there’s my favorite:
nom, nom, nom….


LOL – thanks friends. Nothing like Naming Nouns to help Navigate though my day!

2 thoughts on “N is for…Ninja Nuns Noshing Nutella?”

    1. Thanks! I’ve loved this A-Z Blog Challenge. I had gotten slack since the beginning of the year and it has been just the thing to get me back into the habit of posting more regularly.

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