I am doing research for a new class I’m putting together on brain food, energy drinks, pick-me-ups and any other activity that gives you a boost of energy, whether mental, physical or spiritual.  Things that you can turn to when you need revitalization and focus.  I’ve been asking on my Facebook page and getting some great answers that range from healthy snacks to crossword puzzles to singing.

So far I have 4 main categories from research I’ve done as well as suggestions from readers that have given me ideas about what works best for them.   Those categories include:

Food – coconut water, complex carbohydrates, nuts and dried fruits, apples and dark chocolate

Vitamins and Supplements – B vitamins especially, E, K, Omega 3’s and Zinc

Activities (physical) – exercise, music, sex and sleep

Activities (mental) – crossword puzzles, video games, logic puzzles, and watching Downton Abbey  🙂  (I personally love Games Magazine for puzzles of all kinds!)

So my quest continues – what are your favorite pick-me-ups?  Do you indulge in energy drinks, and if so, how do they make you feel?  Are you a caffeine addict?  What gives you the most positive motivation to get things done?

Coffee with Gluten Free Peanut Butter Brownies

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