ALCAT Testing


I was wondering what you know about the ALCAT Tests?  Is it real? worth it?  Is there something better I can be doing myself?  Thanks. – Gayle, Rochester, NY

I think the ALCAT test is a great tool to add more information to the overall picture you have to build of your individual health profile.  It shows food sensitivities, not allergies, through a simple blood test.  Knowing your blood type, knowing your ethnicity, allergies, medical counter-indications and your personal preferences are all factors when considering your optimal diet.

The ALCAT site has an FAQ page that answers many questions, and a website full of information.  I have had the basic test for 100 foods and 20 chemicals, including 7 artificial food colorings.  I had a few surprises and a lot more confirmations.  It has been a very useful piece of the puzzle that makes up my own nutritional profile.  

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