Natural Easter Egg Dying

I am delighted by the number of posts  I am seeing about natural Easter egg dying this year, it really seems to be very trendy right now.  I have done this many times and tonight I have pots of onion skins, cabbage and chard stems, and coffee sitting on the stove.  We’ve already done a test batch with an egg wrapped in ric-rack and then tied into a hosiery casing, left in onion skin water and vinegar for 10 minutes and producing a lovely pale yellowish brown dye with the pattern nicely visible.

Tomorrow in class we’ll be trying dye baths of cabbage, coffee, onion skins, blueberry juice, paprika, turmeric, and chamomile tea.  I have lace and old panty hose and trim scraps along with some herbs to tie onto the eggs to get natural patterns.

I hope we get a nice array of natural colors and patterns on our eggs that will then be safe to eat!

Happy Spring!

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